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Communion-cating with God by Stephen Edwards: Book Cover

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Logan's Journey by Kathy Heath: Book Cover

Live Long Live Rich by Craig Rappaport: Book Cover

Let Your Life So Shine

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The Girl Who Rode Dolphins by Michael J. Ganas: Book Cover

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Preserved to Serve





















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Best Books of 2008



Books of the Year 2008



Author of the Year - William Elliott Hazelgrove


Fiction: Rocket Man by William Elliott Hazelgrove


Classic Fiction (back in Print): The Lion's Paw by Robb White


Detective Suspense - The Oasis Project by Art Adkins


Murder Mystery - Bad Vibrations by Dan Anderson


Mystery Adventure: The Mind of a Genius By David Snowdon


Political Action Thriller: Let the Truth be Told by Sonny Hudson


Crime Nonfiction: Forgiving Troy by Thom Bierdz


Health - Critical Conditions by Martine Ehrenclou


Non-Fiction Memoir: The Missing Peace of a Heritage Puzzle by Frank Koerner


Non-Fiction Historical: Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Don Busi


Best Audio: Guided Relaxation and Stress Relief by Ronald G. Nathan, Ph.D www.relaxfastforfree.com


Historical Fiction - Axe of Iron-The Settlers by J. A. Hunsinger  http://www.vinlandpublishing.com


Biography - No One to Cry To:  A Long, Hard Ride into the Sunset with FOY WILLING of The Riders of the Purple Sage” by Sharon Lee Willing


Autobiography Male  - Clown Town by Lou Macaluso

Autobiography Female - Preserved to Serve by Claire Power Murphy


Autobiography Spiritual - Being, the Radiant Force Within : The Autobiography of My Soul by Nathan Mathewson Shippee  www.humanbeingfoundation.org


Celebrity Autobiography - Making it Mainstream the true story of LDV by Shauna Bettencourt


Life Stories - Show and Tell by Karen Vanderlaan

Finance: Money Keys by Karen Russo


Business Leadership -Passion and Ice by Stephen Stefano


Business/Real Estate: Confessions of a Real Estate Mini-Mogul James Pockross


Retirement Planning: Live Long Live Rich: Creating Your Retirement Paycheck by Craig Rappaport


Religion Series -- The Give God the Glory! Series by Kevin Wayne Johnson http://www.writingforthelord.org


Self Help - Open Up and Say Aaah! by Erica Peitler


Self Help Empowerment - Congratulations, You Have Cancer! by Leslie Bishop


Inspirational - Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery


Health and Wellness - Conquer Prostate Cancer by Rabbi Edgar J. Weinsberg


Crime Nonfiction - Wanton Woman: Sue Logue, Strom Thurmond, and the Bloody Logue-Timmerman Feud by Anna Flowers


Islamic Teachings  - The 9/11 Versus: Terrorist Teachings in the Koran by Karl J. Trautwein


Children Non Fiction  - Logan's Journey by Kathy Heath

Children Fiction  - The Rabbit and The Snowman by Sally O. Lee


Best Children's Series story and Illustration: Tino Turtle Travels to France & Tino Turtle Travels to Mexico City, Mexico by Carolyn L. Ahern and Illustrated by Neallia Burt-Sullivan http://www.tinoturtletravels.com


Children Picture Book  - The Cake Thief by Sally O. Lee


Children's Animal Story - Stubby's Destiny by Dixie Phillips


Young Adult -- Amber Shadows by Wendy Willett


Spirituality -  Communion-Cating With God by Stephen Edwards


Self Help - When the Sun Goes Down : Planning the Funeral of Your Life
by Betty Breuhaus


Epic Adventure - The Girl Who Rode Dolphins by Michael J. Ganas


Spiritual Fiction - Ecumensus - The Next Vision by  Clifford Lane Mark

Science Fiction - The Keepers: Tribulation Part II Richard Friar

Science Fiction Fantasy- THE CHALLENGE By Kirk J. Pocan
Science Fiction Epic Adventure -  The Girl Who Rode Dolphins by Michael J. Ganas

Short Story Collection: In the Pen : A Baseball Collection by C. G. Morelli


Western: The Pirooters by Mark Mellon

Photography:  Body Glorious / Corps ŕ Corps by (Photos) by / d’Albert Russo. http://www.albertrusso.com



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The Keepers: Tribulation: Part II by Richard Friar ... Infinite Conception PhazeCover Image









The Keepers: Tribulation: Part II by Richard Friar ... Infinite Conception Phaze

Confessions of a Real Estate Mini-Mogal by James Pockross ... Samson Publishing

Cake Thief by Sally O. Lee: Book Cover

Cover ImageWanton Woman by Anna Flowers: Book CoverRAS


Self PortraitThe Mind of a GeniusCover Image

Clown Town by Lou Macaluso: Book CoverCover ImageCover Image







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